Corporate Practice - Venture Capital and Private Equity

Our Corporate Practice Group represents venture capital and private equity fund sponsors in a broad array of matters including formation, fund administration, transactional, and regulatory matters. We assist such clients in creating the appropriate vehicles for private equity funds, fund-of-funds, venture capital funds, and hedge funds, among others, and with financings involving the use of common stock, preferred stock, options, warrants, and/or other instruments or securities. Our attorneys keep abreast of market trends and developments to provide our clients with advice on issues such as preferred returns, carry terms and calculations, management fees, clawbacks, and disclosures to investors, among others. After formation, we advise our clients on a wide range of complex regulatory, tax, and other legal issues that affect funds, sponsors and investors, including issues arising under the Securities Act, Securities Exchange Act, the Investment Advisers Act and Investment Company Act, the rules of self-regulatory bodies, and state securities laws. And, of course, since the exit strategy is just as important as the initial investment, our Corporate Practice Group attorneys assist our clients in developing a strategy and creating the optimum structure for a liquidity event, be it a merger, sale, or initial public offering.

We also represent private equity and venture capital fund investors, including high net worth individuals and family offices. We counsel such clients on market trends and have developed methods for efficiently analyzing and counseling such clients on issues surrounding fund investments.