PFS Resource Links

Links to some useful resources available on the Internet are listed below for your convenience:

General Legal Resources:

•  Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute

•  FindLaw

U.S. Government:

•  Executive Branch

•  Legislative Branch

•  Government Info

•  Department of Justice – Antitrust

•  Department of Labor

•  Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics

•  Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

•  Environmental Protection Agency

•  Federal Trade Commission – Antitrust

State Government:

•  Illinois

•   To find the official state website for most states, use, where “XX” is the state’s U.S. postal service abbreviation.

Illinois Department of Human Rights

State Environmental Agencies

Secretary of State (Delaware and Illinois) and Select Business Statutes:

Delaware Secretary of State

Delaware Business Statutes

Illinois Secretary of State

Illinois Business Search

Il Business Services

IL Business Statutes

IL Pubs & Forms

General Legal Resources:Illinois Statutes

Courts & Arbitrators

•  U.S. Supreme Court

Administrative Offices of Federal Courts

State Courts

American Arbitration Association


Securities Laws:

•  U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

SEC Filings & Forms (EDGAR)

Securities Laws and Regulations

Securities/Commodities Exchanges:

•  American Stock Exchange

Chicago Board of Trade

Chicago Mercantile Exchange


•  New York Stock Exchange


Securities/Commodities – Related Associations:

Bond Market Association

National Association of Securities Dealers

National Futures Association

Financial Information:

 Bloomberg Market Data

 Yahoo! Finance


 Internal Revenue Service

 U.S. Tax Court

 State Revenue Pages